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I'm passionate about teaching singing and it shows in my students. My students are touring internationally, signing with management, being played on the radio, participating in national singing competitions, singing for films and audiobooks, being chosen for prestigious training programs and getting cast as leads in musical theater productions. I have singers pursuing their dreams in all different styles: pop, rock, jazz, musical theater and opera. With over 20 years of training as an opera singer my technique is impeccable! I have trained with the best and love to share my knowledge. Come and learn to sing in a fun, nurturing environment while improving by leaps and bounds!

Student Nicole of Nicole & Scotty performing at world-famous Whisky a Go Go

What students are saying...

I needed help getting ready for an upcoming school audition that was within a month and a half. It was a bit of an emergency...Tania is not afraid to challenge you to go above and beyond your goals but she is also patient, understanding, and will be there for you every step of the way. I feel blessed to have found Tania and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a remarkable voice coach.  -Anais

I've been with Tania for about 3 years now, and the progress I've made with her is phenomenal. A wonderful teacher who really knows her stuff, our lessons are always fun and lighthearted. I've recommended her to all my friends. Thanks to her lessons, I landed the lead role in my first Musical audition!  -Clarissa 

After just one lesson my daughter was able to consistently sing on key and grew in confidence. Tania is supportive, encouraging, and patient, which is critical when developing new skills. We couldn’t be happier. -Amber

Tania has worked with my 10 year old daughter for the last 3 years. She is such an incredibly gifted and inspiring teacher! She is so skilled and passionate about the art of singing, my daughter has made tremendous progress since she began working with Tania. She has learned how to read and feel music, that singing is about so much more than just her voice, and how to make each word come alive when she sings. Tania is incredibly supportive and has excellent rapport with her students. She knows how to encourage without overwhelming and really inspires them to be the best they can be. We would not dream of studying voice with anyone else!!! - Sofiya

I sought Tania out in order to retrain my voice after years of speaking, singing, and even breathing incorrectly were leading to raspiness, soreness, and exhaustion. In just five lessons, Tania completely overhauled my bad vocal habits…I cannot recommend her enough as a voice teacher. She is the real deal, and a truly wonderful person to be around! - Lynne  


I highly recommend Tania as a voice teacher! She knows everything there is to know about the voice. I look forward to every lesson. Whether you've never had a voice lesson, or you're a professional singer who needs to fix a few bad habits; Tania is the teacher for you! It is truly is a joy to sing with her every week! Go! You will love it!!! I do! - Trish  

My lessons have been incredible! Tania gets the maximum amount of breath, support, sound, flexibility and range regardless of your voice type. It is clear through her solid technical base that she understands your voice. She is definitely a teacher for ALL voice types. No gimmicks. No nonsense. She is absolutely fantastic! 


Tania is exactly what I was looking for in a voice instructor. When she listens to me sing, she knows exactly what I need to concentrate on and explains so well how to achieve it. I'm inspired every day when I hear the positive changes in my voice… - Bill

There really aren't enough wonderful things to say about Tania and her incredible teaching methods. I am a professional recording/performing artist and I have been a student of hers for about a year and a half. In addition to the hands-on technique that she provides, her guidance and psychological motivation are unique and a huge part of why I adore her so much. More than a teacher, I consider her an outstanding coach and mentor. Her knowledge of the voice, and vocal health is astounding, and I learn more and more from her during every lesson. Whether you sing for a living or if you just want to learn to sing, I can more than guarantee that Tania is the very best choice you can make. - Nicole


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